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HZ079E pad and wire welding machine
Product Name:HZ079E pad and wire welding machine  

Automatic brazing machine
For brazing carbide tips to tungsten carbide circular saw blades
Model No.: HZ079E pad and wire welding
Model No.: CE079E with CE certificate
Accurate,durable welding quality
Easy to operation,clear graphical indexing table Advanced  heating controller, small size, low power consumption, high efficiency
Automatic temperature control during welding
CNC control, safe and reliable

Technical parameters:
Saw blade diameter: 120MM-790MM
Hook angle:  -10 degrees up to +30 degrees
Saw tip length: 3.5mm-13mm
Saw tip width: 1.5mm-6.5mm
Saw tip thickness: 1.5mm-3.0mm
Other special requirements are available
Brazing capacity: up to 18teeth/min
Welding Precision: <=0.05mm
Power supply: 220V~, 50Hz
High frequency power: 6KW
Working pressure: 6 kg/cm2
Total power:6.5kW/H
Ventilation Capacity:>5 m3/min
Cooling system power: 1.5KW
Chiller flow (optional):22l/min 
Dimensions(L*W*H):L 1530mm*W 1100mm*H 1640mm
Net weight: 421.70 kgs
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