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TCT-Circular saw blade
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How to identify high-quality circular saw blades?
How to identify high-quality circular saw blades?
The carbide-tipped saw blades consist of two parts: the steel body and the carbide tips. The carbide tips are basically imported. Our company adopts the CERMETAL carbide tips. High-quality carbide-tips saw blades have thick and large carbide particles, such kind of ones can be resharpened many times with long life; carbide tips welding quality is also very important, the thin and uniform welding seams enable the teeth to bear more cutting force.The quality of the saw body is of great importance, for when adjusting or rotating, the saw blades pass the cutting force as well as keep the operation stable. High-quality saw blades have not only static geometry and accuracy, more importantly, but also its dynamic characteristics. When it comes to continuous cutting, the temperature of the saw body will rise because the heat generated by the carbide tips can be transmitted to the saw body.Under this circumstances,the position accuracy of the high-quality saw blades still remain, but the poor-quality saw blades warp easily and affect the accuracy. Dynamic stability of plates is even more important for multi-rip saw blades use.
How to ensure longitudinal cutting quality when the multi-rip devices are equipped with a set of unstable saw blades? The saw plates and the cutting teeth are integral parts of the high-quality saw blads.
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