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TCT-Circular saw blade
· Panel Sizing and Scoring
· Multi Saw Blades
· Thin and Ultra thin
Machine produce saw blade
· Circular saw sharpening
· Automatic brazing machine
· Polishing machine
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How to improve life time of tct circular sa
How to improve the service life of tct circular saw blades?
The service life of the carbide-tipped saw blades are significantly longer than that of carbon steel and high speed steel, but some issues still have to be paid  attention to when using them. The blade teeth are very sharp just after sharpening, but they are gradually worn away. We divide the wear condition into 3 phases: The initial wear stage, the normal stage, and then to the rapid wear stage when coming to some extent. We hope the blades can be resharpened before the repaid wear stage in order to sharpen less teeth and prolong its life. In no case should users risk.  
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