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TCT-Circular saw blade
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How to choose a circular saw blades?
How to choose saw blades?
1. Basic data
  The rotation speed of the main axis
  The thickness and material of the work pieces
  The outer diameter and bore (the axis diameter) of the saw blades
2. The basis of selection:
By calculating the spindle rotation speed and the appropriate outer diameter of the saw blades calculation. Cutting speeds=ǡouter diameter Drotation speed N/60 (m/s)  Generally, the reasonable speed is 60-90 m/s.
Specific suggestions:
Material                   Cutting speed
Soft wood                 60-90 (m/s)
Hard wood                50-70 (m/s)
Particle board, plywood      60-80 (m/s)
Excessive cutting speed will lead to large machine vibration, reducing the stability of the saw blade and the processing quality will be lower. Too low speed will reduce the efficiency of production. With the same material feeding speed, as the increase of the cutting amount, the processing quality and cutting tools life will be influenced. Because the relationship between the blade outer diameter D and the spindle N is a power function, In practice, it is the most economical way to improve the speed and reduce the blade diameter reasonably.
3. The relation between quality and price
As the saying goes, Cheap for no good deals ". Its may be true in terms of other goods, but that is not the case for cutting tools. The key is matching.
After comprehensive assessment of the on-site operating factors (the cutting objects,qualiyt requirements, the operator qualification and so on),choose wisely, make the best possible use of everything to achieve savings, reduce costs and participate in competition. This depends on the mastery of expertise and information about similar products.
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