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TCT-Circular saw blade
· Panel Sizing and Scoring
· Multi Saw Blades
· Thin and Ultra thin
Machine produce saw blade
· Circular saw sharpening
· Automatic brazing machine
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Instructions of using TCT circular saw blades
Instructions of using TCT circular saw blades
1)Operating environment: The machine should be equipped with a protective covering to prevent the scattering of the fragments. There is no admittance without a pass; the operating site should keep away from flammable and explosive chemicals.
2)Clothing and protective outfits; The operator must wear protective spectacles to prevent the scattering of the fragments and be aware of the ties and sleeves; No gloves and keep the long hair in the working cap so as not to be caught by the machine.
3)Preparation before using:
To make sure the good condition of the machine, no deformation or vibration of the main axis, the axis diameter tolerance is h7;
To inspect for the damage, falling off or abnormal abrasion of the saw blade and the bending, distortion or break phenomena of the body steel.
Ensure the saw blades chosen are suitable for the material to be cut in case of any abormal abrasion,falling off,bad cutting,over-heat and so on;The blade or the material damage, the scattering of the fragments,even accidents may happen when a improper one is chosen.
Ensure the turning direction of the saw blade is consistent with that of machine main axis;Otherwise,there will be falling off of the blade or scattering of the fragments,accidents may happen.The flanges used should be of the same bore and over 1/3 outer diameter of the saw blades.To be sure that there are no over-big gaps between saw blade bore and the machine axis and install the flange,tighten the nut.Before operating,make sure that no one in front of the saw blades.And then race it to check if there is any abnormal phenomena such as vibration,saw blade laterally laid, radial play. The reprocessing of the saw blades should be completed by the factory. Poor processing can effect the product using results and may cause some dangers.When installing the saw blades,5-6cm blade teeth above the board is appropriate.
5)In use
When the blades are being used,the material need be fixed so as to avoid any incorrect cutting,which may cause blades damage or the scattering of the fragments,accidents may happen. In case of abnormal noise or excessive vibrancy, rough or bent cutting surface during the running, it is necessary to stop the machine immediately to check and remove the faults. Continue using may cause the damage or scattering of the fragments,accidents may happen.
6) After using 
When the blade is no longer sharp or the cutting surface is rough,it should be reshapened in time,Otherwise it will affect the results or even be scrapped,accidents may happen. The resharpening must be completed by specialized manufacturers and no changes of the original teeth angles.
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