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How to choose the suitable tct saw blade
Its impossible for the carbide-tipped saw blades manufacturer to produce too many kinds of saw blades;According to the optimization method and some specific factors--equipment of the processing enterprise and material, the most commonly used carbide-tipped saw blade specification series come out.Thus its beneficial for us to choose the saw blades and it also help the manufacturer to produce the blades on a large scale.
In general conditions,the left-right teeth form are suitable for cutting particle board or MDF, the trapezoid-flat teeth form for the veneers, fireproof plates.
Most of the saw blades outer diameter are 300-350mm;And the thickness are related to the diameter.Usually,when the diameter is 250-300mm,the thickness is 3.2mm;more than 350mm,3.5mm.
The Panel sizing saw blade,because of high cutting rate,its diameter is around 350-450mm and the thickness is about 4.0-4.8mm;The trapezoid-flat teeth form is most used to reduce broken edges or kerfs.
The carbide-tipped saw blades for cutting solid wood usually have the bevel left-right combined teeth,for this kind of combination teeth form has a bigger hook angle,which can cut the wood fiber tissues sharply with thin smooth and thin kerf.To making the notch bottom more levelled,flat or left-right-flat combination teeth form should be adopted.
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