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TCT-Circular saw blade
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The correct way for using tct circular saw blade
During the use of the circular saw blades,the customers often come across the following issues:
lack of wearing resistance  
Edge Chipping or teeth falling out
sawing defects
rough surface
Cleft of the teeth base
After scientific calculation of the saw teeth sizes, the welding residual stress can be minimized to the lowest level,no tack welding or desoldering.
The importance of alloy saw blade dressing and maintenance
The following problems often arise after using the circular saw blades:
Edge chipping of the teeth
Burrs on the workpiece
Power increased sharply
To assure the quality and safty of the cutting,the blade should be resharpened by skilled operator and be cleaned in time.
The correct use of saw blade
To have the best performace, the saw blade must be used strictly according to the standardized method:
1. The specification or using of the saw blades can be different by changing the design of blade angles and body steel;Try to use it in a suitable occasion.
2. The major axis of the equipment,the splint sizes and the shape positon accuracy will have significant influence on the cutting effect;To check and adjust before the installation.The contact surface of the splint and the saw blades may affect the clamping power,which will cause the shift or skidding,this kind of factor must be removed.
3. Always stay aware of blade working conditions,if any abnormal phenomena,such as vibration,noise, material deviation from the working surface,stop to adjust the machine and grind the blade to keep it sharp in time.
4.Prevent from changing the angles when grinding;To avoid partial sudden hot or cold of the blade tips;Profession polishing or grinding would be better.
5.Hang the saw blade vertically when temporarily not in use,avoiding prolonged lying flat or piles of objects on it;The blade tips should be protected from collision.
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